Temperature Controlled Consolidation Systems

This high-precision advanced thermos-hydro-mechanical (THM) consolidation testing system for one-dimensional consolidation tests. It enables a menu-driven, fully automatic performance of incremental and optionally continuous load tests under different sample temperatures ranges.

The system includes an advanced THM consolidation cell for stress and strain controlled consolidation tests under temperature controlled conditions. Closed-loop control
of sample temperatures possible in order to reach the highest temperature accuracy with special software modules for temperature control.

Different temperature ranges for frozen tests or high temperature tests or both are also available.




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  • Precision sensor placed directly at the top of the cell for load-control (time and settlement dependent)
  • Heating thermostat -20°C to +200°C including:
    • Large display, two-line LCD display for numbers, symbols and letters with suitable back-lighting
    • Simultaneous display of set and actual values
    • External control through an additional PT-100 probe (optional)
  • Digital settlement control through a displacement transducer
  • Suitable for all oedometer cells
  • Calibrated, exchangeable load transducer and additional sensor inputs (e.g. pore water pressure transducer) enable individual test by defining different measurement parameters and control values

Load range

Up to 100 kN

Vertical clearance

Up to 600 mm

Spindle lift

240 mm

Oedometer cells

Ø 20 up to 300 mm

Temperature range

-20°C to +200°C

  • Not available
  • Controlling software for closed-loop controlled load, continuous loading oedometer and swell pressure tests with a monitoring system Independent, automatic closed-loop temperature control
  • Simultaneous monitoring and data acquisition of measured values (load, settlement, pore water pressure and time) during the test for all test phases
  • Not available
  • Detailed information will follow soon
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