Core Drilling Machine

This compact core drilling machine is used in laboratories to cut cores from uniform and non-uniform hard samples, such as rock, natural stone and concrete.

The two-speed electronic motor (1500/2700 rpm) is equipped with a friction device and safe isolation of the highest quality in line with the CE directive. Our core drilling machine has a powerful and efficient motor, which makes it an ideal device for compact operations.

It is easy to handle and the tools can be changed quickly. A two-speed electric motor means it can even be used with large drills.

Drills are equipped with an internal cooling system and water tank, as well as a sample clamping device. Throughout coring, the sample is tightly clamped and a transparent cylinder protects the coring area.

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  • High speed and low noise
  • Vibration is not transferred into the sample
  • Easy in operation and handling
  • Easy alignment of sample with sample clamp device
  • High-quality core drilling bits for different sample sizes
  • Includes water cooling system and water tank
  • Two-speed electronic motor for durability
  • Supplied on a rigid metal-base frame
  • Suitable for vertical (downwards) drilling applications only

Coring speed

1500/2700 rpm

Coring range

AX to NX
from 8 to 150 mm diameter (on request)

Level of acoustic power emitted by the LWA device

98 dB (A)

Dimensions (approx.)

600 × 600 × 300 mm

Weight (approx.)

90 kg

Power supply

230 V, 50 Hz

Real voltage

± 10 % of the nominal one

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