Fully Automatic Dynamic Ring Shear Apparatus

This piece of equipment is a fully automatic, closed-loop controlled, ring shear, capable of conducting highly precise tests to measure shear strength parameters at failure and residual shear strength. It uses a constant shear plane and an unlimited angle of rotation or shear strain.

This development includes our experience with details related to wall friction compensation and shear box guidance.

Applicable with free selectable and programmable closed-loop controlled stress-paths with stress, strain and height/volume controlled test procedures.


  • Pore pressure transducer
  • Unsaturated test conditions including an automatic pressure controller or conventional pressure panel and a confining pressure cell


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  • Specifications
  • Upgrade Options
  • Software
  • Standards
  • Applications
  • The complete ring shear box system is made of stainless steel and includes upper and lower shear rings, porous ring plates with or without ribs, load pistons and water receivers for saturated conditions
  • Continuous adjustment of the inner and outer shear band after consolidation, tilt free
  • A sophisticated and robust construction combined with high-quality mechanical and electronic
  • components of industrial standards
  • Closed-loop controlled normal stress
  • Closed-loop controlled shear strain rates via high-resolution transducers
  • High-resolution data acquisition system with high-quality transducers for shear stress, normal stress, shear strain and axial strain
  • The device can be operated via a touch sensitive keypad or PC control with adequate software
Normal stress

1000 / 2000 kN/m2

Shear stress

1000 / 2000 kN/m2

Angle of rotation Unlimited
Rotational rates 180° – 0.00001°/min
Accuracy class 0.1%
Shear ring sizes 94 / 50 mm, 100 / 50 mm, 150 / 100 mm
  • Not available
  • Not available
  • ASTM-D6467-13
  • Standard Test Method for Torsional Ring Shear Test to Determine Drained Residual Shear Strength of Cohesive Soils

  • ASTM-D7608-10
  • Standard Test Method for Torsional Ring Shear Test to Determine Drained Fully Softened Shear Strength and Nonlinear Strength Envelope of Cohesive Soils

  • BS 1377-7
  • Methods of test for Soils for civil engineering purposes - Part 7: Shear strength tests (total stress)

  • Detailed information will follow soon
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