Polyaxial Testing Systems

This unique experimental testing system is a customized solution used to study the behaviour of rock under various dimensional and compressive stress regimes (σ1 ≠ σ2 ≠ σ3). This fits to the research goals of geothermal energy researchers, hydrologists, petroleum reservoir engineers and researchers in the mining section, geophysics and geotechnical sectors. The systems are capable to test a wide range of materials from granite to mudstones and also for post-failure regime of high-strength brittle rocks.

Polyaxial rock testing systems are designed to induce stress on cubic samples via three independent controlled principal axes (σ1 ≠ σ2 ≠ σ3) up to 600 MPa. The sample chamber can house cubic samples up to 300 mm and has the option to be equipped with a temperature control up to 200 °C as well as a pore pressure device up to 210 MPa and the ability to have continuous acoustic emission recording, acoustic velocity and permeability (transient or steady state) measurements.

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  • High stiffness stand alone construction design
  • 6 hydraulic actuators for applying independent stresses (σ1 ≠ σ2 ≠ σ3) capacity up to 600 MPa
  • Cubical chamber for different sample sizes up to 300*300*300 mm
  • High pressure platens are combined with a friction reduction system.
  • 6 high precision displacement transducers to measure strains on each face
  • Dynamic high speed closed-loop control of load, displacement, position and volume or flow
  • Flexible controlling software for nearly unlimited test procedures of all polyaxial test applications
  • The system is capable of applying different stress paths or strain rates
  • Hydraulic power packs with high-quality noise protection, emergency functions
  • Digital setting of PID parameters for test parameter optimization and tuning
  • Real-time graphics software with zoom and freeze functions for printer output at any time
  • Expandable real-time high resolution data acquisition and closed-loop control system
  • Hydraulic fracturing test
  • Permeability test
  • Pore water pressure
  • Unsaturated conditions
  • System for measuring P- and S-wave in combination with acoustic emissions
  • Temperature controlling up to 200 °C

Type of load frame


Max. stress

Up to 600 MPa

Specimen shape

Cylindrical or cubic

Specimen size

From 25 mm cube core up to 300*300*300 mm

Pore fluid

Up to 150 MPa

Temperature control

Up to 200 °C

Permeability test

Steady state or transient

Stroke of actuator

100 mm

Customized set-up available upon request.

Various sensors, transducers, testing and experiment options are available upon request.

The complete system is fully automated and controlled by our flexible and programmable GEOsys Software. 

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  • Detailed information will follow soon
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