Hollow Cylinder

Model No. LO7010/100/EM/1

This high-quality and stiff multifunctional testing machine. It is suitable for a variety of testing, such as static and dynamic, axial and torsional, uniaxial and triaxial shear tests. These can also be done in two variations, a hydraulic axial/torsional system, and a electromechanical axial/torsional system. This hollow cylinder system is modularly constructed. It can be configured with a variety of sample adapters, triaxial cells, pressure plates and other customized attachments. Different software packages and further accessories to suit specific testing needs are also available. This system is capable of performing rotational displacement and torque tests on a hollow cylindrical soil sample. There are two types of hollow cylinder testing machines available, with an above or below load piston, depending on the loading system in use i.e. a servo-motor or servo-hydraulic actuator. It is also possible to control the magnitude and direction of the three principal stresses. The main field of application is the determination of soil behaviour in underground traffic or earth-quakes, unbound material testing (liquefaction strength tests) with high resolutions and the synchronized measurement of channels. 

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  • 2 Rigid constructions, flexible for many kinds of testing procedures
  • Dynamic high-speed, closed-loop control of load and displacement, stress and strain, as well as controlled test procedures
  • Modular and easy to handle system
  • 20 bit data acquisition and closed-loop control system
  • Flexible controlling software for almost unlimited test procedures of all uniaxial or triaxial test applications
  • Different ranges of high-quality transducers for external or internal on-specimen use are available
  • Digital setting of PID parameters (parameter optimizing or tuning is dependent on material)
  • Complete real-time data acquisition and closed-loop control for each channel, using real parallel configured channels
  • Real-time graphics with zoom and freeze functions for printer output at any time (after, as well as during testing)
  • High-precision angular displacement sensor to measure large shear strains
  • Special hollow cylinder triaxial cell with an internal frame. This connects all submersible transducers directly to the sample before the cell is closed by the cell-wall

Sample Size Height/Outer/Inner

140 / Ø 70 / Ø 30
200 / Ø 100 / Ø 60 (18 mm wall thickness)
100 / Ø 100 / Ø 60
300 / Ø 150 / Ø 75
400 / Ø 200 / Ø 100
600 / Ø 300 / Ø 150

Type of load frame

Electromechanical/servo hydraulic

Axial load

5 up to 150 kN

Cyclic axial load

5 up to 150 kN

Load frequency

2, 5, 10, 20 or 100 Hz 

Torsional load


Note: any combination of axial and torsional loads are available on request

  • Bender element test      
  • Unsaturated soil testing

Software for static and dynamic applications:

The controlling software provided enables the easy programming of complex test sequences through using clearly structured Windows operations on a graphic user interface. Through a series of menus, it provides quick access to all controls needed for test set up.

  • JGS 0511-2009
  • Method for Unconfined Compression Test of Soils

  • JGS 0543
  • Method for Cyclic Torsional Shear Test on Hollow Cylindrical Specimens to Determine Deformation Properties of Soils

  • Detailed information will follow soon
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