Combined Axial Load-Torque Apparatus for Interface-Ring Shear Tests

Apparatus ATD 5/200 is suitable for closed-loop control of strain and stress test procedures used for a combination of ring shear and oedometer (compression) tests e.g interface shear tests for either semi-automatic or fully

automatic testing procedures in research or practical applications.

The device is able to accept a special developed CRS cell with unlimited rotation of lower pedestal which enables users to perform interface shear tests between sample and top disc.


  • Upgrading to 10kN axial load
  • Temperature controlled jigs for ring shear or CRS cell
  • Upgrading for cyclic load in order time



  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Upgrade Options
  • Software
  • Standards
  • Applications
  • Table top frame with small foot print
  • Two independent actuators including of one for Axial and one for Torsional
  • Electromechanical precision drive for closed-loop control of axial stress, strain and position
  • Including of front panel controller
  • Sophisticated robust and stiff construction in connection with high-quality mechanic and electronic components
  • Applicable for interface Shear tester and for ring shear tests with free programmable closed-loop controlled stress-paths with stress or strain-controlled test procedures
  • Expandable with additional transducer on request
  • Remote control and data acquisition via PC

Axial Load

5 kN

Max. torque

200 Nm

Torque resolution

0.01 Nm

Axial displacement

50 mm

Torsional shear displacement


Axial speed

0.00001 - 37 mm/min


0.00001 mm

Max. Torsional speed

240 - 0.0001 °/min

Resolution of shear angle

0.0001° (continuously, load independent)

Max. Axial stress(100/70 mm)

1240 kPa

Max. Axial stress(dia.70 mm)

1240 kPa

Shear stress

1160 kPa

Resolution of shear stress

<0.01 kPa

Resolution of axial stress

<0.01 kPa

Communication port


Power supply

230 V AC/50 H (16 A) 110 V/60 Hz


  • Upgrading to 10kN axial load
  • Temperature controlled jigs for ring shear or CRS cell
  • Upgrading for cyclic load in order time
  • Different Sample sizes

GEOSYS - Fully automatic Control- and Data Acquisition Software for Ring Shear tests and Software module for
Continuous Compression Tests or incremental load Control with monitoring system especially designed to perform free programmable static stress-, strain and constant volume controlled ring shear tests with respect to complex test criteria.
Fully 32bit software application for Windows or Linux platforms.
The user friendly and menu guided software controls (closed loop control) and monitors all operations of the free configurated set parameters (axial load, shear load (Torque), constant volume, strain rate, axial displacement).
Unlimited test stages with unlimited stop or control criteria are available for the different sequences like consolidation, creep parameters, strain parameters and etc.

Note: Functionality of the software depends on availability of required hardware for each test

  • Not available
  • Detailed information will follow soon
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