Frozen Soil Triaxial Systems

This high-pressure/low-temperature soil triaxial testing system is designed and manufactured to perform stress path testing on soil under triaxial conditions.

The system includes an electro-mechanical or hydraulic loading frame with power pack, high pressure triaxial cell, pressure controllers for confining pressure and back pressure, volume change measurement, data acquisition controller, internal axial and radial deformation sensors and software with special module to run the tests under required test procedures.

The segmented temperature chambers or temperaturised cell walls consist of a closed loop heating and/or cooling aggregates with a high precision digital controller. The cell includes up to two/three temperature sensors to measure and control average temperature inside triaxial cell depending on the application.


  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Upgrade Options
  • Software
  • Standards
  • Applications
  • High stiffness 4 or 2 column construction loading frame from 50 kN up to 500 kN
  • Cyclic loading on request
  • Sample sizes from 35 mm to 300 mm
  • Temperature testing range from -40 °C up to 150 °C
  • Standard triaxial tests (CD, CU, UU)
  • B-value check control
  • Stress path triaxial tests (p, q and s, t)
  • Uniaxial compression test
  • Consolidation tests
  • Dynamic high speed closed-looped control of load, displacement, position and volume or flow
  • Flexible general controlling software for nearly unlimited test procedures of all related applications
  • Different test packages:
    • Frozen Soil testing
    • High pressure/high temperature testing
    • Gas hydrate testing
    • High pressure/low temperature testing
  • Hydraulic power packs with high quality noise protection, emergency functions for static or optional cyclic test procedures
  • Digital setting of PID parameters to test parameter optimisation and tuning
  • Several upgrading features:
    • K0 Consolidation test (upgrade)
    • Ultrasonic wave velocity tests (upgrade)
    • Permeability tests (upgrade)
    • Swelling and swelling pressure tests
  • Real-time graphics software with zoom and freeze functions for printer output at any time
  • Expandable real time high resolution data acquisition and closed-loop control system
Static axial load Up to 5000 kN
Confining pressure Up to 200 MPa
Temperature ranges -40 up to +150 °C
Sample size From 35 mm to 300 mm

The system can be upgraded to perform different tests e.g.:

  • Ultrasonic velocity measuring/Bender element system
  • Internal axial displacement transducers
  • Internal circumferential displacement transducer
  • Cell top lifting system/cell carriage system
  • K0 consolidation test
  • Permeability tests
  • Swelling and swelling pressure test
  • Frozen biaxial test package

GEOsys software is for user defined freely programmable test standard procedures and complex test sequences. This is implemented by a structured Windows operation on a graphic user interface for controlling and data acquisition software. It is also used for closed-loop controlled static and dynamic applications with freely programmable test sequence control and formula editor functions.

Through a series of menus, this provides quick access to all the controls needed for test set-up and follows standard test sequences. The software is able to create an unlimited number of test stages with interactive and calculated parameters for closed-loop control in real-time. An unlimited number of control and measuring channels can be simultaneously controlled.

  • Possibility to accept different modules for extra tests
  • Individually configurable data acquisition (collecting rate, parameter setting, recording type, such as ASCII)
  • Interactive changing of test parameters for all channels or test devices during the application
  • Various platforms for operators and different users for system parameter settings (configuration, PID parameters, transducer configuration, ranges plausibility)
  • Self-diagnosis and automatic alerts when a problem occurs. When a sudden power failure occurs, the system automatically saves data and takes self-protective measures, and has an overload protection
  • ASTM D-7300
  • Standard Test Method for Laboratory Determination of Strength Properties of Frozen Soil at a Constant Rate of Strain

  • ASTM D5520-11
  • Standard Test Method for Laboratory Determination of Creep Properties of Frozen Soil Samples by Uniaxial Compression

  • Detailed information will follow soon
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