Multi-Axis Shear Systems

Vibrating tables are an important part of the investigation of soils and other building materials under cyclic or dynamic loads. Depending on the application, we distinguish and use singular or multidimensional actuator systems. Vibrating tables provide a platform for different experimental setups, such as test cells, or building structures that serve as a boundary for various applications. The experimental setup represents a friction-less bearing vibration table with a large triaxial cell. The objective of such machinery is to investigate the grain skeleton under cyclic and dynamic loads. This tests the liquefaction behavior under saturated and unsaturated conditions.






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  • 3 x dynamic axis with servo-hydraulic actuators up to 25 kN, 20 Hz
  • 2 x dynamic horizontal axis for two-dimensional shear loading
  • Small and large sample sizes up to 200 mm for large grain sizes
  • Isotropic and anisotropic consolidation and shear procedures with K0-Conditions
  • Small non-contact strain measurements during cyclic and dynamic test procedures
  • Submersible 3-dimensional load transducers for the simultaneous measurement of all three axes
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  • Detailed information will follow soon
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