Slurry Consolidation Device

This fully automatic electromechanical consolidation apparatus is designed to perform tests on specimens that have a large settlement e.g.

  • > Very fine-grained clay
  • > Tailing mud and mine waste
  • > study was to determine the consolidation behaviour of clay slurries
  • > phosphatic clays
  • > waste materials such as dredging
  • > Sea muds or oozy muds
  • > Harbor muds


Special consolidation cells with electromechanical loading systems, made by Wille Geotechnik®, enable all kinds of consolidation procedures to be applied (e.g. IL, CRS, CL, CG tests).

The device has a version of Temperature controlled between -10C degrees up to +60C degrees.





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  • Specifications
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  • Standards
  • Applications
  • Special-compression cells to measure the consolidation behaviour of muds and viscous materials with measuring and/or pore water pressure controlling
  • Special cell resistance to aggressive fluids e.g. saline solution and corrosive materials
  • Special construction allows accurate measurement and control of normal stress, including measurement and compensation of wall friction influences
  • Built-in filter plates in head and base plates to remove free pore water
  • Multi-stage load cells allow for high levels of accuracy in control at low and high stresses
  • Multi-stage load cells


Maximum axial load



Max. Pore pressure


Up to 300

Range of Sample size



150 / 200

176 / 314

Max. settlement



Sample Height



  • Temperature controlled cell
  • Various force sensors
  • Various displacement sensors
  • Various pore water pressure ranges
  • Various sample sizes
  • Various sample height (on request)
  • Various environment conditions
  • Performs all consolidation tests
  • User-defined multiple Incremental loading & unloading
  • Ability to move automatically to the next stress level
  • The software can be programmed for multiple incremental loading stages
  • Optional swelling pressure test
  • Complete recording and displaying test results in real-time
  • Live test graphs on the screen
  • Automatic calculation on background
  • Fully automatic testing procedure and monitoring via PC control, up to 12 devices simultaneously and independent
  • Possibility to export test results to Microsoft Excel
  • Integrated safety features are implemented in software
  • Comprehensive status and error messages on the display/ software with a unique number for traceability
  • Limit Setting
  • Not available
  • Detailed information will follow soon
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