Dynamic Triaxial Testing Machine with Dynamic Axial Load and Confining Pressure for Unbound Material

This testing system is a dynamic universal testing machine with electromechanical precision drive for compression and tension tests up to 25 kN and for high accuracy cyclic tests up to 15 Hz and covers all the test procedures for unbound material triaxial testing.
Different submersible transducers for higher accuracy are available e.g. submersible local axial deformation, submersible load cell for accurate measurement of axial loads with confining pressure compensation and submersible local radial deformation.
The powerful multifunctional GEOsys Software supports all the test procedures with a well access to all testing sessions.


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  • Dynamic universal testing machine with electro-mechanical precision drive for compression and tension tests up to 25 kN and for high accuracy cyclic tests
  • Specially designed and configured for static and cyclic uniaxial and triaxial test methods regarding EN, AFNOR, ASTM and AASHTO
  • For all requirements of seismic research, unbound material testing for road research and all kinds of stress and strain path tests
  • Cyclic pressure controler for generating hydrostatic pressures up to 10 bar to perform static or cyclic confining pressures between 0.1 and 5 Hz For use with cLc and cLV tests according to EN 13286-7 
  • Special triaxial cell for unbound and granular material
    • for sample diameter ø 160 / 320 mm
    • for use with internal, local transducers
  • With automatic elevation device for the cell mantle for easy specimen preparation and positioning of the interior measuring sensors
  • Submersible local axial-deformation measuring devices for static and dynamic tests
  • Submersible local radial-deformation measuring devices for static and dynamic tests
  • Submersible load cell for triaxial test cells for accurate measurement of axial loads with confining pressure compensation, 25 kN
  • Special cell-/porewater-pressure transducer
Static axial load Up to 25 kN
Cyclic axial load and frequency Up to 25 kN
Cyclic frequency Up to 15 Hz
Confining pressure 0.3 / 1 / 2 MPa
Confining pressure frequency Up to 10 Hz
Sample size 100 / 150 / 160 / 300 mm


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