Gas Hydrate Testing

The gas hydrate testing system is designed to produce and test cylindrical gas hydrate sediments with dimensions of up to 180 mm under triaxial conditions. Gas hydrate is one kind of natural metastable material that is stable under low temperature and high pressure conditions.

In order to perform experiments under thermodynamic stable conditions with gas hydrates, cell pressure can be pressurized up to 40 MPa with a constant temperature between -40°C to 40 °C (or any specific temperature). This modular testing system includes a loading frame constructed for an axial load of up to 1,000 kN. The system can be equipped with various sensors and components to monitor experiment progress, which is finding the best way how to extract the methane, while trapping CO2 in the subsurface at the same time.



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  • High stiffness 4 column construction design
  • Wall type construction is available for higher stiffness (optional)
  • Dynamic high speed closed-loop control of load, displacement, position and volume or flow
  • One-screw quick closing system of cell
  • Carriage assembly for easy removal and placing of cell system
  • Special Pressure controller to apply back pressure using various gaseous media for example, methane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen or etc.
  • Different types and ranges of in-vessel transducers (on sample) for example: load cells, axial displacement, circumferential transducers, wave velocity, acoustic emission and electrical impedance
  • Advanced hydraulic power packs with high-quality noise protection, emergency functions or cyclic test procedures
  • Digital setting of PID parameters to test parameter optimization and tuning
  • Expandable real-time high resolution data acquisition and closed-loop control systems
  • Flexible controlling software for almost unlimited test procedures of all uniaxial, triaxial or polyaxial test applications with pore pressure and permeability

Static axial load

Up to 1000 kN 

Confining pressure

Up to 40 MPa 

Temperature range

 -40 up to 40 °C

Sample size

Up to 80 mm

The system is upgradable to perform the following:

  • Permeability tests
  • Radial injection of sub-/supercritical CO2
  • Discharge and quantification of sediment
  • Sample volume change determination
  • Ultrasonic measurements (P, S1, S2)
  • Electrical resistivity/impedance tomography (ERT)
  • Acoustic emission test (3D)

Freely programmable test stages with interactive, calculated parameters and procedures, GEOsys software

  • Not available
  • Detailed information will follow soon
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