High Pressure High Temperature Triaxial cell

This is an advanced high-pressure triaxial cell designed to test rock samples with diameters of up to 102 mm, a length/diameter ratio of at least 2 under triaxial high pressure/temperature conditions. The axial load can reach up to 5,000 kN.
The cells are designed for testing the shear and creep characteristics of rock core samples or solid materials (e.g. Granites, evaporates, cemented tills or Clays) under triaxial stress conditions.
This series of triaxial cells fits inside various types of load frame that we produce. To apply confining pressure, we offer different types of high pressure pump as well as pressure intensifiers in different pressure ranges. Axial and radial strains are measured by internal axial and radial deformation measuring devices, which work in high pressure and high temperature conditions. These give precise measurements of deformation modules and Poisson’s ratio.


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  • Axial and radial strain measurement
  • Sample diameters from 25 mm (1 inch) up to 102 mm (4 inches)
  • Length/diameter ratio of sample of at least 2
  • Stainless steel
  • Axial load up to 5,000 kN
  • High Pressure up to 300 MPa
  • Temperature range up to 300 °C
  • Top and bottom pore pressure ports for different types of permeability measurement
  • Cell lifting capability (optional)
  • Controlling GEOsys software is available for confining and pore pressure purposes
  • Gas permeability test (optional)
  • Fluid Permeability test (steady state or transient permeability)
    Modified cells for corrosive pore fluids
  • High-pressure electrical feed-through ports for all internal transducers, such as:
    • In-vessel load cell
    • In-vessel axial deformation measuring device
    • In-vessel radial deformation measuring device
    • Ultrasonic sensors
    • Acoustic emission sensors
  • Including spherical seat to compensate for non-parallel specimen ends
  • Couplings for filling/discharging, de-airing/cell pressure


Stainless steel

Confining pressure rating

Up to 300 MPa

Pore pressure rating

Up to 300 MPa

Max. sample diameter

Up to 102 mm

Max. sample height

Up to 250 mm

Operation temperature

Up to 250 °C

*Custom sample sizes on request.
**Above technical specifications can be optimized upon request.

  • Not available

Control and data acquisition software-module included in our GEOsys software for PC control of all functions of the environmental chamber and cryostats (including cable connector and protocol)

  • Free programming of all temperature stages during the test, such as increasing or decreasing ramps, constant temperatures or changing functions
  • Simultaneous monitoring of temperature during the test
  • Not available
  • Detailed information will follow soon
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