Pressure Intensifier

Our pressure intensifiers provide closed-loop, servo- controlled pressure to test samples. This can be used to generate confining or pore pressure in connection with multi-channel electronically controlled systems that manage servo-valves mounted to intensifiers. They are also used to measure permeability or for hydro-fracturing tests.
Intensifiers can be used to measure flow in permeability tests as well as volume change in triaxial tests while the required pressure is applied.
Separate hydraulic power is needed to supply a primary power source to the pressure intensifier. This pressurizes fluid to 21 MPa (3,000 psi), which in turn fills the intensifi er’s reservoir. The fluid in the reservoir can then be brought up to the required pressure by the intensifier. A double-pump or a dual piston intensifier with two servo-valves is available as an option for precise pressure or volume control when continuous flow is required.

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Different modes of pressure control:

  • Constant pressure
  • Continuous and step-less increase or decrease of pressure ramps
  • Constant flow rates
  • Constant volume conditions


Closed-loop control modes:

  • Pressure control mode
  • Displacement control mode


  • Ideal for confining pressure, pore pressure, permeability and hydro-fracturing tests
  • All valves are mounted on the front panel for easy operation
  • Pressure and displacement transducers for closed-loop servo-valves
  • Integration with digital controller boxes and GEO-sys software
  • Pressure measurement and closed-loop control of constant pressures or pressure ramps
  • Diagram of valve schematic on front panel
  • Presentation of fluid-level on panel
  • Integrated limit switches and pressure overload limits (safety stop)
  • High-frequency, two-stage servo-valves (optional), manifold accumulator to minimize pressure ripples and a high-pressure control solenoid
  • Displacement control mode

Pressure range

Up to 210 MPa


0.01 MPa

Transducer accuracy

0.2 %

Stroke capacity

Up to 600 cc

Volume resolution

0.01 cc

Fluid media

Oil/water (other media is available on request)


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  • Detailed information will follow soon
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