Rowe Barden Cells

This type of cells are designed for stress and strain controlled consolidation tests:

  • Rowe cells / Rowe Barden cells
  • CRS consolidation cells


Specially developed cells by Wille Geotechnik®:


  • K0 consolidation cells
  • Unsaturated consolidation cells (Prof. Schanz)
  • Swell pressure cells
  • Temperature controlled consolidation cell
  • High-pressure cell



  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Upgrade Options
  • Software
  • Standards
  • Applications
  • CRS, CL, IL or swelling pressure tests
  • For use with different load frames and ranges
  • For all kinds of permeability test
  • Optional water pressure or load frames to gene- rate normal stresses
  • Expandable for unsaturated conditions
  • Applicable for all swell and swell pressure tests
  • Different sample heights are optional
  • For saturated conditions with pore pressure measurement or pore pressure/back pressure control
  • Air pressure for axial stress control
  • Specifications and components:
  • Available as corrosion-resistant material (optional) Lower cylinder with 2 inlet and outlet connections, equipped with needle valves, stainless steel sample ring and stainless steel porous discs
  • Special flushing system for best de-aired conditions Upper cell part with pressure and de-airing connection and needle valves
  • Teflon guided, low friction stainless steel load piston
  • Bracket for strain transducer
  • Detailed information will follow soon
  • Not available
  • Not available
  • ASTM D-2166
  • Standard Test Method for: Unconfined Compressive Strength of Cohesive Soil

  • ASTM D-2435
  • Standard Test Methods for One-Dimensional Consolidation Properties of Soils Using Incremental Loading

  • ASTM D-3877
  • Standard Test Methods for One-Dimensional Expansion, Shrinkage, and Uplift Pressure of Soil-Lime Mixtures

  • ASTM D-4186
  • Standard Test Method for: One-Dimensional Consolidation Properties of Soils Using Controlled-Strain Loading.

  • AASHTO T-216
  • Method of Test for One-Dimensional Consolidation Properties of Soils

  • CEN ISO/TS 17892-5
  • Geotechnical investigation and testing -- Laboratory testing of soil -- Part 5: Incremental loading oedometer test

  • Detailed information will follow soon
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