Static and Dynamic Modular Servo-hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

for high accuracy and high frequency tests up to 100 Hz


The modular testing system consists of load frame, hydraulic power pack, environmental chamber, real time control unit, GEOsys Professional software.
Test specific software packages or free programmable software solutions for highest demands in research are available.
To meet the high accuracy requirements of dynamic tests all testing machines consist of best quality components.


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  • High stiffness construction, precision aligned
  • High accuracy, frictionless hydraulic linear actuator for best performance of dynamic material tests 
  • With high resolution displacement transducer integrated into the hydraulic linear actuator
  • Servo valve with manifold platen,accumulators and filter, which is mounted directly at the actuator
  • Including hydraulic power pack with noise protection
  • Stainless steel environmental chamber for incorporated material testing frame for temperatures from -25° (-40°) to +70°C with forced ventilation
  • Digital Multi-Axis Real Time Control System WDCdyn 5000
  • Including 20 bit high resolution data acquisition system with expandable high speed, low noise channels for data acquisition or closed-loop control for each actuator
  • Maximum load: ± 25, 40, 60,100 kN
  • Accuracy according EN ISO 7500-1 class 0.5 %


Different test modules according to EN 12697-24/25/26/46 and for unbound materials (e.g. EN 13286-7) are available

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  • Not available
  • Detailed information will follow soon
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