Ultrasonic Wave Velocity Test System

The ultrasonic velocity measurement system is a non-destructive method of measuring compression and shear waves through rock samples as a function of temperature, confining and pore pressures.
This is a complete system and is comprised of all required electrical and mechanical hardware e.g. signal conditioner and pulse generator, ultrasonic velocity and data acquisition controller, ultrasonic platens including combined P and S (S1 & S2) transducers as well as the required software. This package conducts ultrasonic velocity measurement tests on rock samples. The test is applicable at temperatures of up to 150 °C and pressures of up to 210 MPa.
Based on the length of the sample and travel-time from transmitter to receiver, ultrasonic wave velocities (Vp & Vs) are calculated and can be used with a rock triaxial or rock polyaxial test system. This simultaneously measures and calculates the static and dynamic properties of rock e.g. shear modulus (G), Poisson’s ratio (u), bulk modulus (K) and Young’s modulus (E), as well as other parameters.

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  • Complete system for generating, receiving, converting and monitoring ultrasonic waves
  • Combined P and S (S1&S2) transducers
  • Operates at confining pressures of up to 200 MPa, 150 °C temperatures and up to 4,600 kN axial loads
  • Robust platens include pore pressure ports
  • Expandable real-time high-resolution data acquisition system (20 bit)
  • Data acquisition sample time 100 MHz (10 bit) ultrasonic bandwidth 0,5 Mhz – 25 Mhz
  • P/S-wave transducer 100 kHz-1,000 kHz bandwidth
  • Low noise preamplifier to amplify ultrasonic signals
  • Multiplexer up to 36 channels for conditioning and pulse generation, high speed data acquisition and computer interface
  • Special software for axial and horizontal methods (standard and research purposes)
  • Real-time graphics software with zoom and freeze functions for printer output at any given time
  • All functions operated via mouse-click

Sampling rate of data acquisition board

100 MHz

A/D conversation rate

Up to 100 MHz for each channel +/- 10 V

Pulse rates

> 10 ns

Charge times

0.0 - 3,1μs / 0,1μs steps

Analog amplification

 -28 dB to +92 dB

Anti-alias filter/channel

0.05 MHz – 25 MHz

Ultrasonic platens

38 mm to 150 mm

Working pressure

Up to 210 MPa

Working temperature

Up to 150 °C

*Custom sample sizes on request

  • Not available

P and S wave signal selection, source excitation and signal conditioning of the ultrasonic signal from the receiver are controlled by integrated pulser/receiver, computer interfaces and specially designed software.

The software is made to measure ultrasonic velocity with waveform stacking, filtering and power spectra analysis capabilities.

Users can define different sources (modes) for testing.

There are 5 different modes:

  • PET – measures input signal (sending/receiving)
  • TT – measures input signal (receiving)
  • SEQUENCE – measures input signal (receiving from multiplexer in sequence mode)
  • RTS – measures input signal (receiving from multiplexer in RTS mode
  • CardSeq – works with card sequence
  • Not available
  • Detailed information will follow soon
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